Learn how to control your expenses and money mindset so that you can live your best financial life!

I help ambitious single women maximize their 9-5 income to get out of debt and build wealth using a “non-SlimFast” goal-based budget.

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A small town gal and Starbucks fanatic.

In September 2016 I decided to take a chance on myself and pay off ALL $34.9K of my debt. Did I think I was nuts? Absolutely! I was low on income, a mom, and I had never been consistent with anything besides eating through my emotions.

Still, I created my budget and decided to give this money thing a go.

Today I'm completely debt free, saving 30% of my income, and building wealth as a single mom of two!

Hey girl! I'm Dyana.


— Laika P.

Thank you Dyana! You really helped me out and I am more confident to start my journey now."

— Mia L.Z.

Through her videos and social media posts, I've learned more about saving money on a modest income."

— Bri.

I haven't felt confident in myself until I started watching your videos."

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