So you’ve “tried” saving money but you have literally $0 put back, right?

You've told yourself that you don’t have enough to spare or that it’s “too hard.”

Maybe the idea of saving money scares you off because you swear you’ll have to live a Krusty Krab life, sacrificing everything you enjoy doing.

Driving the money saving struggle bus?

What if i told you that you CAN save?

This is why I created the:

$1,000 in the Bank - Saving for Beginners

Just a few years ago, I was a single mom making under $20K a year with zilch in savings. I could barely afford to contribute $5 without needing it right back, and to top it off I was up to my eyeballs in debt.  

My saving was so bad that the bank actually closed out my account for a lack of activity! Embarrassing.

I felt like a failure. No matter how hard I tried I had nothing to show for it, minus the loose change at the bottom of my purse. 

 After numerous failed attempts to get ahead financially, I came to the painful realization that to have no savings is like skydiving without a parachute. You think you'll have a good ol’ funky time so you jump and only once you’re in mid-air do you realize you have nothing to save your butt from going splat.

And no, I don't make a ton of money. In fact, up until late 2018 I was considered "low income."  If I can do it then you can too.

I've gone from this...

To this...


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A $1,000 Savings Goal spreadsheet formulated to track your contributions
•A budget spreadsheet that does the math for you! (Super easy to adjust)


My step-by-step strategy to save your first $1,000 on any income
How to build discipline so you won't fall off track again!
The best bank accounts to hold your savings
How to calculate how much to contribute consistently
• How to save without having to think about it!

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