6 Sanity Saving Tips for Kick-ass Moms Balancing a Work Life

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Today, moms want it all. We want a career with major success, a family, and maybe even a few winning lotto tickets. Just a few 🙂


The circus makes a juggling act look like a piece of cake, but it’s more like a failed baking attempt when you’re actually doing it.#NailedIt


Balancing work and motherhood is no easy feat but with the right strategies, it’s possible!


Time block

Time blocking is a lifesaver if you’re someone who gets distracted easily! I’m a bit scatterbrained so I would find myself jumping from task to task a lot. In the end, not much would get done. Shocker.


When you time block, you’re designating a specific start and end time for each task. For example, if you need to crank out a blog post then you can block off 9am-10:30 am to work on your writing.


I find that this increases productivity because you know exactly what you are to be working on and for how long.


After each task is done, you can move on to the next one feeling accomplished.

balance work and motherhood

Wake up earlier                           

Do you find yourself saying, “If only there were more hours in the day?” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said this to myself.



We all know that when there are kids jumping all over your head it’s impossible to get work done. After they’ve gone to bed it’s literally like you’re running on fumes.


I read about how more productive you become when you wake up before your kids so I decided to try it. No one wants to cut their beauty sleep short, but it was a lot less painful than I anticipated.


Waking up an hour or two earlier is like adding extra time to your day. There’s just something about the morning time that’s so refreshing. You get to start the day with a clear mind versus waking up in a rush to get yourself and the kids ready.


Even if it’s just 30 minutes, that’s 30 minutes of uninterrupted work time. I promise you’ll feel like some sort of superhero with your hair blowing in the wind afterwards.


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Write down daily to-dos

Mentally notating things that need to be done is a recipe for complete chaos. You feel that you’re working towards something, but somehow it never gets done. Go figure.


Write down what you need to get done each day and abide by your list. The organization helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and you can ensure that everything will get the proper attention.


Daily to-dos are especially beneficial for large projects. Instead of trying to tackle the beast all at once, break it up into small chunks by making each part a daily task.


Personally, I like to write out three things I need to accomplish each day. These are my must-haves. When writing yours, be sure to prioritize the importance of each task to see what makes the cut and what can wait until another day.


Seeing all of your to-dos with a line marked through them is almost as satisfying as getting to the free reward on the Starbucks app. It makes you feel accomplished which encourages you to keep going.

balance work and motherhood

Establish a schedule

No one wants to come home after a long workday to even more unorganized mess. Daily schedules give your afternoons/evenings a lot more structure and help to instill self-discipline.


For example, in my home baths are taken by 6 pm and dinner is done (or picked up) by 7—most of the time. Before making a schedule, baths and bedtime were all over the place.


Believe me when I say a little organization goes a mighty long way.


Draw the line between work-life and home-life

It’s important to have a clear boundary between work and home. Your work-life will leak into your home-life if you’re not careful, and even though you’ve clocked out you’re still on the clock.


When I first started blogging two years ago, I was always on my laptop. I let the TV babysit my daughter, and soon she began acting out from a lack of attention. I felt so guilty, but that line is harder to define when you want something to be successful.


Even when working from home, set a time to indulge in your work, and a time to be present with your family. You may find yourself alternating between the two but that’s okay, as long as each is getting the proper attention.

balance work and motherhood

Lean on supportive family/friends

Many of us grew up with the “you make them you keep them” mentality. Asking for help is “wrong” or makes us an “unfit” mother somehow.


If the celebrities can get some assistance then why can’t we?


Accepting help from your trusted family and friends is a great way to get some much-needed relief. This is especially true when you’re a single parent.


While the kids are away, you can get your work done or make your home look somewhat presentable.


I like to drop my littles off on my dad’s porch and burn rubber every other Sunday (jk, kinda) to work on my blog. Even just an hour makes my weekend a lot less stressful.




Your kids are only little once but finding a good balance between motherhood and your work-life helps to ease some of that mom guilt. Although everything may not be perfect, you can find success in both.


For moms, finding a good balance between worklife and family can be difficult yet not impossible. Check out these tips to help you manage your career while still being an awesome mom! #balanceworklifeandbeingamom #jugglecareerandmotherhood #workingmom #tipsforworkingmoms

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