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9 Tips to Take Your Career to the Next Level- Get Considered For a Promotion

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So you’ve been in your position for quite some time and you’re ready to start climbing up the corporate ladder. You’re starting to feel stuck and a bit complacent, and waiting around for magic to happen just isn’t your style.


I totally get it because this was me!


In 2017 I began to feel downright miserable about my job position. Customer service was definitely NOT what I went to school for and I needed a higher salary to better support my family. I was determined to get a promotion, and in August 2018 I got just that! Making $6 more an hour wasn’t too shabby either.


Here are 9 tips to get you considered for a promotion.

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Keep it positive

Cliché I know, but we’ve all worked alongside a Negative Nancy or two. They bring the whole team down with their complaints, yet gasp when they’re overlooked for special opportunities. Umm, hello!


Keeping a positive attitude even when your job sucks not only helps you stand out, but it improves your outlook on life in general. It’s a lot easier to see the good in situations when you’re thinking positively.


Constantly whining and complaining about your job surely won’t change it, and the only person you’re truly making miserable is yourself. Misery equals low quality of work, and word gets out fast that you’re not a pleasant person to work with.

 considered for a promotion

Always continue learning

Companies must remain innovative and adapt to rapid change in order to stay competitive. It’s inevitable, but not everyone is going to like it.


Personally, I’ve been around a few employees who were so stuck in their ways that they downright refused to embrace change. When technological advances or new processes were put into place, they struggled to do their jobs effectively.


Don’t be those people. Whether you realize it or not, employers do take notice of who can handle change and who can’t. Instead, make continuous learning a high priority in order to sharpen and expand your skillset.


Many employers offer free online and classroom training courses. I took advantage of every training course my supervisor allowed me to take, which prepared me to advance in the company.


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Serve on a project team

Nowadays, project management skills will take you a long way. As you climb the corporate ladder, you’re sure to serve on a project team and/or lead one.


Showing that you know how to plan, execute, and successfully achieve a shared goal is golden.

considered for a promotion

Take initiative

Depending on where you work, there may be hundreds or thousands of employees. When you’re ready to promote, you’re up against a slew of other internal applicants, and it’s difficult to stand out.


Simply highlighting that you do your job well is okay, but everyone is more likely to remember the woman who suggested a process improvement that cut costs. See where I’m going?


Take initiative! This was told to me time and time again, and I will always be a parrot because it truly does put golden stars by your name!


If you’re not sure how you can take initiative, think of what you do that is an inconvenience to you or those you serve. Could something make your job more efficient?


Companies are always looking to make their services and products better, but it’s impossible to spot every opportunity for improvement. This is where you step in.


For example, when I worked in customer service I was in direct contact with members and providers.  I kept hearing the same complaints about our online benefits portal, and since I knew what the issues were I was able to request a change.


Because I could prove that the issue was affecting customers negatively, the change was approved. I got kudos, and those interviewing me loved the fact that I decreased call volume AKA cut costs. Simple as that.


Keep a list of your accomplishments

As your receive pats on the back for successful projects, superior service, or whatever, be sure to keep them all written down. This makes preparing for future interviews so much easier because you have what you want to highlight right in front of your face versus trying to remember them last minute.


Personally, I like to keep mine typed in a Word document. I put the date, a description of the situation, and what I did.


While preparing for my interview, I made test questions for myself and based the answers around those accomplishments.


Find a mentor

No one is more motivating than a person who has been where you are and is where you want to be. Mentors offer a wealth of knowledge and can help get your name out around the company.


Some employers have a mentorship program that employees can take advantage of. If not, have your supervisor align you with someone that’s in the area you wish to promote to.


If push comes to shove, snoop around to see who works in the department you’re interested in and send them an email to see if they would be willing to offer you any advice. I’ve done it multiple times, and there’s usually at least one person who will gladly give you a few tips.

Keep your resume up to date

It’s soul-crushing to realize that you left something important off your resume AFTER you press submit. Oh-em-gee.


Embarrassingly enough, I’ve done this one too many times and have beaten myself up about it. Don’t be me.


As you learn new skills and take on other job responsibilities, add them to your resume or talent profile ASAP. Also, never assume that just because you’re in a certain position within the company that the recruiters are going to know what skills you have. I’ve done this, and even though I knew I met all of the qualifications I never made it to the interview round.


If you have something that the job is requiring, but it’s not reflected on your resume, add it in! When you stay ready you don’t have to get ready ????.

considered for a promotion

Be competitive

The working world is extremely competitive, and only the best are going to make it. That being said, make sure you are the best!


Fun fact—your coworkers are not your only competition.




Challenge YOUrself to be better than you were last week, month, year—just overall! I was always in a competition with myself to get better stats each quarter, and I swear by this.


When you’re focused more on improving yourself instead of outranking Debbie Joe then you get to move at your own pace and really enjoy each small win.

Visualize where you want to be

Last but not least, visualize yourself in that position you’re working so hard for. I’m definitely a visionary, and I firmly believe that when you can clearly see yourself doing what you desire then you begin to manifest those things into your life.


I was hellbent on getting the position that I’m in. No kidding, I began drafting my acceptance speech and “I got the job!” announcements before I even got an interview.


Delusional? Maybe. Determined? Absolutely.


Your mindset creates the height of the ceiling above you, and you can only go as far as you allow yourself to.


Good luck with your career ventures mama!

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