I’m Dyana— a 20-something-year-old break-the-rules type of mom. I’m hell-bent on showing you that your “place” is exactly where you envision yourself being.


To date, I’ve paid off over $32K in debt on my own, I’ve doubled my income, and I have the career I’ve dreamed of. Meanwhile, I’m still a dang good mom.


If I can empower you to fall in love with money, do the work that strums your heartstrings, and be your own definition of success then I’ll consider my job done!


If I could go back and tell that painfully shy girl filling her notebooks with fanfiction during recess just to avoid interaction that she would grow up to share her written words with thousands then she might have dropped the hobby. Thank God that’s not possible.


When I was in elementary school, a substitute teacher whispered something in my ear that I’m sure she had no idea would change my life. Tucked away in a corner, she leaned in beside me and said, “You know, they say it’s the quiet ones who observe the most.”


My initial reaction? Who is this lady and I thought psychics weren’t real?!


I’ve always had an unconscious habit of “observing,” but never realized that’s what I was doing. Whether it’s the anxious tap of a finger or someone’s overused sales pitch – I caught it!


As I grew, so did my observations and my refusal to sit comfortably in “the norm.”


Why was a “woman’s place” beneath a man? Why is it always so shocking when a woman is successful? Why is everyone so comfortable being in debt and making poor money choices? Why do we accept a “do what you have to and not what you want” mentality?


If this was the way I had to be, I was ready to stand alone. Lonerville was my second home anyway!


Motherhood has a way of sucking your individual identity. Suddenly you’re just that lady who wipes butts and sucks out boogers. Am I right?


You put your goals and aspirations behind glass doors like fine china, because it’s the “mom” thing to do, but forget to go back and dust them off. I’ll admit that was me too, but, once again, my observations got the best of me.


Why live a life that you just press airplane mode on?


Money. Boss. Mama represents that woman who is unapologetically calling the shots in her life. She is redefining what it means to be a woman, a mother, and an overall individual. If something seems out of her reach, she’ll just grab a stool.


YOU are a badass. YOLO baby, so make it count.


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