It was so easy to pile on the numbers, but figuring out how to get rid of them can feel like rocket science! Until now…

Whether you haven’t even started or you just can’t seem to break ground, this eBook will show you how to dump your first debt balance in full!

A whopping 87% of American families are in debt, with 78% of those employed living paycheck to paycheck. This is what we’ve grown to know as a “normal” life, which IS NOT a life at all!

You can continue using your slow as molasses strategy, shelling out money to balances that barely budge or putting your blindfold on and hoping your debt just goes away on its own (please stop doing this).  

You can keep buying those excuses you’ve been selling yourself because you’re too scared to improve your life or you can skip over the trial-and-error phase and start watching those balances dwindle.

Girl, it's about time you broke up with debt!

Don’t believe for one second that you were placed on this Earth just to pay bills and croak. You weren’t.

You’re more than your circumstances, and the clear path to freedom is literally just a simple decision away. I’m going to prove to you that you’ve got what it takes to pay off debt.

In this eBook I’m giving you the simple step-by-step strategies that have allowed me to knock out over $34K in debt, all while financially supporting my household.

Want to know the real kicker? Up until 2018, I was considered “low income.” Nope, no BS! Today, I’m supporting two kiddos while effortlessly saving money, building wealth, and enjoying debt freedom.

If I can do it, there’s literally no doubt in my mind that you can too!

This is why I created:

Break Up With Debt

i'm ready to break up!

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A budget spreadsheet that does the math for you + can be easily adjusted
•A workbook created to help you implement the lessons by creating a personalized budget, finding more money, making more money, and more!
Bonus chapter filled with tips to help you drastically speed up paying off credit cards, student loans, and auto loans
•A video showing you how to do a weekly review of your finances to ensure you’re on the path to success
•A video explaining how to use the cash envelope system with your budget to squeeze out more money for your debt payment. Using this method, I come in $70+ under budget each paycheck effortlessly!

Additional resources

The basics of paying off debt in the easiest way possible, develop a personalized spending plan that sticks and beat the overwhelm of managing all of your debt balances
How to make your income work for your debt payoff journey (no matter how small or irregular)
• How to increase the amount of your debt payments by finding extra money you didn’t even realize you had and start turning your gifts/interests into a profit!
• My secret-sauce strategy that will make your bank account pay your bills for you. 

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Let's do this!

I know you want to “see” your progress. Before now, you probably looked at your balances and declared that you’ll be in debt for the rest of your life. Ain’t nobody got time for that! No one wants to wait a million years to get to a $0 balance and luckily, with these strategies, you don’t have to!

Nothing is left to the imagination. I walk you through these step-by-step strategies in the most thorough way possible so you’re not left scratching your head about what the heck comes next.

It’s not a snooze fest. Let’s face it, personal finance has a bad reputation for being confusing and boring as hell. Talking about money shouldn’t compare to watching paint-dry and you most certainly shouldn’t have to feel as though you’ve landed in a foreign country! No one wants to read a bunch of womp womp womp and I just don’t have it in me to deliver my content in that way.

What's so special about this ebook?

Women who are not yet ready to let go of their same old rickety money habits that do nothing but bury them under more debt. This eBook is not for those who fall victim to their circumstances and rot in their own excuses as to why they “can’t” pay off debt.

Kickass ladies who are ready to stop giving up their hard earned money to their past financial decisions. These strategies are for those who are ready to finally live life on their own terms and who are willing to put in the hard (yet rewarding) work it takes to get themselves to that point.

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This is for you if:

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