How to Manifest the Life You Dream of!

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By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of someone “manifesting” something into their life.


Hearing this word, I used to imagine some weird lady rubbing a crystal ball and a smell of sage so thick you’d choke. I still do.


So, what does it mean?


Using the law of attraction, you move your thoughts from daydream to reality. After setting a specific intent you have faith that the universe will help you deliver on it.


Start burning that sage girl!


All jokes aside, I believe wholeheartedly in the power of manifestation. In fact, I unknowingly “manifested” my dream job and then moved on to paying off my auto loan early!


If you’ve got something you’ve been obsessing over, here’s how to bring it to life.


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Ever wondered how to manifest what you want in life? I unknowingly manifested my dream job and have been using the power of manifestation to bring me what I want most in life ever since! Find out how to manifest your dreams this year. #manifesting #lawofattraction #positivethoughts #manifestmoney #manifestajob #tipsformillennials #selfdevelopment



Be clear about what you want

Specificity is key. What you want is going to be difficult to manifest if you’re unsure.  Do you want a new job? $10k in savings? To be an entrepreneur? A new home in the country?


Write down your ultimate goal to unleash it from your mind. Putting it in writing etches it into the world’s stone versus floating around in the midst of your daydreams.


In fact, a study conducted by Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University, shows that you are 42%  more likely to achieve your goals when they’re inked regularly.


We attract what we want based on our thoughts and feelings. Visualize exactly what you want every single day to breathe life into your image.


How are you feeling reaching this goal? Relieved? Happy? Like a bizzy-bam-boss?


Let the emotions run over you like icing weeping over hot cake.


What are you doing in this life? Sipping on a cup of (Starbucks ????) coffee as you peer out your office window by the ocean? #Goals.


My story with this step:

I knew that I wanted to be a Technical Writer, maybe not long-term, but it was a goal nonetheless. I originally thought that I was delusional, but I began envisioning myself snagging that position before the job was even posted.


Without exaggeration, I envisioned myself in a cutesy blazer carrying out the job functions. I heard the click-clacking of my keyboard, and felt proud as I told people, “Oh, I’m a Technical Writer.”

Manifest what you want in life

Cling to positivity

You know how inspired you are by cancer patients who still manage to smile and remain appreciative? Their lives are filled with pain and the ultimate unknown, yet they brighten a dark room and leave a little glitter wherever they go.


THAT is the power of positivity. When everyone sees a withered home, you see the vintage charm. If you can change the way you think then you can change your life.


Remaining positive, even when it’s hard, repels negative energy and keeps your “vibration” high. You attract exactly what you give out.


Think about it. When you have a stank attitude, everything around you seems 10x worse. If you’re around a Negative Nancy then her energy begins to rub off on you and ultimately brings you down.


Our thoughts fuel our choices and allowing ourselves to marinate in negativity blocks our progression.


Keep your mental space clean by surrounding yourself with people who maintain your high vibration and doing the things that you enjoy.


In addition to being positive, remain grateful. Thankfulness for what you already have is the key to unlocking new things and experiences. Say aloud what you’re grateful for every single day or keep a gratitude journal.


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Keep your eye on the prize

Now that you’ve got your goal written down and/or your vision board all crafty, don’t let it collect dust. Many of us, including myself, imagine what we want for ourselves but then allow other things or people to divert our attention away.


Even if you feel as though you’re crazy for going after your goal, stay focused. Don’t let others persuade you into thinking that what you desire is not right for you.


Visualize what you want and meditate on having it daily.


No, you don’t have to cross your legs Indian-style while making an O with your thumb and index finger to meditate. You can envision your life while driving in the car or during your daily run to keep you focused.


My story with this step:

After a year, I became impatient and started applying for other jobs. I had been rejected over 10+ times (just look at the photo) and couldn’t figure out why.

This was because I was losing my main focus. Those jobs weren’t for me, but I was forcing them to be.


In turn, the universe blocked me from those positions.

Manifest what you want in life

Tackle the bull head on

We’re hit with changes coming at us from all angles in this thing called life. There are lots of unexpected turns and potholes, but embrace them.


When you think about it, there’s really no such thing as failure. If something doesn’t work out in your favor it’s merely just a lesson. You have to learn what doesn’t work to find what does.


“If you don’t give up on something you truly believe in, you will find a way.” ― Roy T. Bennett


The most beautiful things evolve in ways that were completely unexpected.


My story with this step:

I applied for a Technical Writer position once before, but I had so much fear and doubt!


I’m not skilled enough, I thought.


Well, I was right. Simply because I believed I would fail, I wasn’t chosen. This lit a fire under me and, instead of quitting, I perfected my resume in preparation for the next posting.


After not finding a candidate, the position was reopened. I was strategic with my application this time, and told myself that the job was mine.


Beat limiting beliefs with a stick

The mind is the puppet master of life. Your thoughts affect the way you see yourself and the world around you. They control your actions and how others see you as well.


You have to retrain your mind to believe that you are capable of creating the life you want. Tell yourself you already are what you want to be.


Most limiting beliefs come from a lack of self-confidence, but that’s the beauty of manifestation. We’re now that person we’ve always imagined ourselves being, but never believed we could be in real life.


 “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford


To combat your negative thoughts, write them down and evaluate each one. Are these things true? Probably not.


Next, write why each negative thought is not true and how you will overcome it. This way, when they come creeping back you’ve got ammo.


Once you stop limiting beliefs in their tracks you can do things larger than yourself,  free of constraints.

Manifest what you want in life

My story with this step:

Believing in yourself makes you unstoppable.


When I wasn’t chosen the first go around I was crushed, but determined to win. After not finding a candidate, I KNEW the position was mine and I claimed it.


Take a look at the timeline below!

07/12/2018 I reapplied for the position

07/18/2018 I wrote out an “I got the job!” announcement to myself (no interview offered yet)

How to manifest what you want in life

manifest what you want in life

08/10/2018 My interview date

08/13/2018 I got an offer!!

Work like hell

I don’t believe that sitting on a magic carpet and simply imagining the life you want is going to make it happen. What you want is already in the cards, you just have to go get it. Sorry, not sorry.


In this step, we’re building a partnership with the universe. Now, when I say ‘universe’ that means whatever you view as a higher power. It could be the actual universe, God, Captain Crunch—it doesn’t matter!


What matters is remembering that you don’t get to receive without doing something in exchange. It’s a give-and-take process and our thoughts, feelings, and action are all needed to make this thing work.


Start by making an action plan, and determine which piece of the puzzle you need to focus on first. For example, let’s say you’re a beauty student who has already claimed that you will be a salon owner. The first piece to your puzzle is obviously getting your license.


Eat, sleep, and breathe that license to life! Even if you don’t know what piece will come next, keep chugging along and the universe will show you the way.


As we act, we gain confidence and the momentum we need to keep propelling forward.


My story with this step:

To manifest the position I wanted, I knew that I had to put a lot of gold stars by my name. There were thousands of employees I had to stand out from.


I took every development course that I could get my hands on and challenged myself daily to beat my stats. Soon, I got a mentor within the company and started volunteering for projects.



When you manifest what you want in life, you’re not waiting for fate. Take today’s clay and mold it into what you want tomorrow to be. You are responsible for your life, and you can only go as far as you allow yourself to.

Ever wondered how to manifest what you want in life? I unknowingly manifested my dream job and have been using the power of manifestation to bring me what I want most in life ever since! Find out how to manifest your dreams this year. #manifesting #lawofattraction #positivethoughts #manifestmoney #manifestajob #tipsformillennials #selfdevelopment
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So you’ve heard of manifestation and using the law of attraction but you’re like what the heck does that even mean? That was me too, but I unknowingly manifested my dream job just by using positive thoughts! Learn how to manifest what you want in life and grab my free gratitude journal printable! #gratitude #affirmationsforwomen #selflove #behappy #manifestyourdreamlife #positiveaffirmations
So you’ve heard of the word “manifest”, but you’re wondering how or if it even works. Can you really manifest the life you want? Well, it worked for me! Find out how. #manifestsuccess #manifestajob #manifestmoney
  1. Sheereen says:

    I have applied to numerous jobs that were not within my goals mainly because of the frustration of not getting picked for the ones I really wanted. I think I’m now refocused and ready to claim it. Great post, already shared!

    • Dyana K. says:

      That was definitely me and I always think of how miserable I would be had I gotten picked for the ones I really didn’t want. Thanks for the share!

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