You know the value and skills you have to offer yet after sending off your resume you hear back nothing but the sound of crickets.

*cue the sound of crickets*

Or, maybe you make it to the interview round but get slapped with that gut-wrenching copy + paste email a few days later. You know the one: “We’ve decided to pursue other candidates…”

Every opportunity to leave your misery-filled position seems to be passing you by without a bat of the eye.

You busted your butt (and wallet) to get the degree and went out of your way to gain the skills only to dread clocking in every workday. If you could just land a new position you know that your quality of life would improve significantly.

So, your job search has been far from successful huh?

The problem is that you’re struggling to stand out from a sea of other applicants.

That's why I created:

I Got the Job! A Simple Guide to Mastering the Art of Interviewing and Salary Negotiation

You feel as though you’re doing everything you’re supposed to yet you’re not seeing any results! You meet the minimum requirements, fill out the application, maybe even land an interview, yet you’re still overlooked!

You know it’s not because you don’t have the skills and potential.

It’s because the apply + pray for an interview + wing it from there strategy you’ve been using is based on luck. And luck won’t do you any good when you’re up against those who’re bringing their A++ game!

Maybe luck has gotten you this far so you figure it will strike again. Or, perhaps you truly don’t know wtf you’re doing wrong.

What you do know, however, is that you’re losing confidence in yourself and you’re a couple of rejections away from giving up. And giving up means staying trapped in the same spot you’re in now, knowing that you’re not living up to your full potential.

But, it doesn’t have to be like this!

What if you had a solid strategy that you knew would capture the interest of recruiters?

Left each interview with confidence that you’re a memorable candidate because you blew the wigs off the interviewers?

Were in a position that doesn’t make you so miserable that you die a little inside each time you clock in, and one that pays what you’re actually worth?

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Fillable PDF workbook pages after each section to help you implement the strategies you’ve learned
• 1 cover letter template (with an example), Just plug in your information! *Available in two colors
1 follow-up email template. Just plug in your information and send!
Two resume templates that are sure to stand out from a pile of stale black-and-white resumes. Just plug in your information!
A bonus chapter on how to promote within your current company

Other materials:

How to build a resume that properly highlights your skills and is structured for best results
•How to dissect a job posting and use it to present your skills in a way that will knock an interview panel out of their seats. No more drawing blanks and excessive umms!
•The best tips to negotiate salary like a pro even if you’re a beginner!

eBook to walk you through:

What's included:


This eBook + workbook combo walks you step-by-step through the no-bs strategies I used to leave my crappy low-wage position after being rejected over 10+ times for my “dream job,” making $20,000+ more per year! In the simplest and “non-snooze-fest” way possible, I break down how to create an engaging resume, leave a lasting impressing during each interview, and negotiate a higher salary with like a boss!

In fact, I used these strategies to snag two salaried positions, with my latest calling me not even 30 minutes after my interview with an offer!

You can continue winging it, hoping for the day luck will land you the job of your dreams or you can go out and get it with strategies that work!

You’re ready to be paid what you’re worth so that you can hit your financial goals faster!

You’re ready to wave goodbye to your soul-sucking job and finally land a position in which you’re operating at your full potential

You know the value you bring to a company and you’re ready for the opportunity to prove your worth

You’re frustrated and confused as to why your efforts don’t result in any employment offers

This is for you if:

I’ve paid off over $34k in debt on one income and landing my dream job played a huge part in this!

In 2017, after being so miserable with my job that it made my physically ill, I gained the courage to say I deserved a better job. But, after being rejected over 10+ times I quickly realized that in order to elevate in the career world, I couldn’t rely on my old way of doing things. I needed an actual strategy!

After taking a career development class, conducting my own research, and working with two mentors (one being an HR recruiter!) I developed a solid plan-of-action to get myself to the next level.

Budget coach, small town girl, and mama to 2

Every woman deserves to do the work that they love and be paid for the value they bring, which is why I created the I Got the Job! workbook. So that you too can experience the euphoric moment of screaming “I got the job!”

Hey!I'm Dyana.

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