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11 Best Ways to Make Money on the Side – Earn Thousands!

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Money money money! Who doesn’t like it? It makes the world go round so it’s only natural to want more of it. I’ve always loved a good side hustle, and increasing my income has allowed me to pay off debt, deposit more into savings, and just have more fun.


If you’re looking for ways to make money on the side, whether hundreds or thousands, check out these 11 side hustles!


Start a money-making blog

Recently, I decided to stop one of my side hustles to focus on my blog and I’m happy to report that my income has increased! Blogging is so much more than just sharing your written words with the world. In fact, people are leaving their jobs every single day because they’ve been able to match or surpass their day job’s income.


Don’t believe me? Search: Blogging income reports!


Whether you want a few extra hundred in your pocket or to build a career around your brand, it’s completely up to you. Imagine getting to run your own show, build your own tribe, and make money while doing it. Yep, that’s blogging!


You can set up a money-making blog for just $3.95 a month, which is probably less than your cup of coffee! Check out my simple step-by-step tutorial here to get your site up and running.


Refer friends to your favorite products/services!

You know those “Refer a friend and earn $___” links you see on something like your Cash App? Yea, stop ignoring those!


Referring friends to products and services you love through your link is not only a fast way to make money on the side, but it can be very lucrative as well.


Let’s say you get $20 for every friend that signs up for something through your link. Doing the math, that’s $100 for only 5 people. Umm, cha-ching!


Become an affiliate

Similar to referral programs, affiliate programs compensate you for bringing in new customers. One difference is that you do not have to be an actual customer to become an affiliate for a service or product.  Many bloggers, podcasters, and other influencers use this as a means to generate income.


If you believe that your audience would greatly benefit from something, check to see if they have an affiliate program and then promote your link. Once they perform the required action, you receive a commission.


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Courses I recommend

Paid by Pinterest:  How to Make Your First Sale in 24 Hours – I won’t lie, I struggled with making sales for a long time before I found Elise McDowell’s course. She shares the strategies she uses to make a passive income each month in a way that’s super easy for newbies to understand. If you love using Pinterest, why not use it to make extra money on the side?! Sign up here.


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – Before taking Michelle Schroeder’s (she’s like the Beyonce of the blogging world) course I could not understand why the links on my blog were not generating any sales! Long story short, I was doing pretty much everything on the “don’t” list.

Michelle makes $1 million per year, all from the luxury of her sailboat. Needless to say, you need her strategies if you want to do affiliate marketing the right way! Sign up here.


Sit the dog

Alright, I didn’t know pet-sitting was a thing until I found out my co-worker “babysat” dogs to make money on the side for her mission trips. Then, I went on to meet another co-worker who watched pets while their owners were away. Say what?!


So, if kids aren’t really your thing then consider watching pets!


When people go on vacation or are away from home for a long time, their animals need tending to. You can market your services online (preferably on Facebook for local opportunities) or tell your loved ones to help you spread the word. People love their pets so someone will be glad to have your help.


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make extra money on the side


Do grammatical errors and bad spelling make your eye twitch? Good news, you can make money from the comfort of your home as a proofreader! According to Glassdoor, the average salary is $45,502 per year.


Proofing content is pretty much the last step that is completed before publishing/finalizing writing. You’ll be checking for spelling, grammar, and style to ensure the content flows well and is free of errors.


There’s literally thousands of content being pushed out daily, so needless to say there will always be a need for a proofreader. You can work as a freelancer, in which you work for yourself and snag your own clients, or under contract.


Where to find opportunities

FiverrFiverr is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace. Whether you’re a freelance writer, graphic designer, or even a digital marketer there are numerous opportunities to choose from!

FlexjobsEnjoy the best remote opportunities with jobs in over 50 career categories!

Upwork Find high-quality freelancing opportunities whether you’re a beginner or seasoned. Choose your own clients and projects.




Thanks to good ol’ technology it’s easier than ever to become a tutor. If you have teaching experience or specialize in a particular subject then this is a great way to earn extra money on the side.


If you’re interested in teaching others then check out Magic Ears! You’ll be teaching English to students ages 4-12 on an interactive platform, making $22 to $26 an hour. The biggest perks are being able to work when and where you want!


Don’t worry about preparing teaching material because it’s already been created for you. To be eligible, you must have a Bachelors but can be in any field.


Other opportunities:

QKids– Like VIPKids, you’ll be connected with over 600,000  young Chinese learners. Perfect for college students, stay-at-home moms, and others who love teaching!

VIPKID– Earn $14-$22 an hour teaching English to Chinese students one-on-one.


Deliver food!

If you haven’t noticed, food delivery services are becoming increasingly popular nowadays! People are willing to pay for others to pick up food and deliver it to them so why not get in on the money?


Food delivery services, such as DoorDash, allow you to set your own schedule which is perfect when you’re in school or have a full-time job. With DoorDash, you will never earn less than the guaranteed minimum of each order plus 100% of the customer tip!


Other food delivery services to check out!

Uber Eats 





Thrift for profit!

If you haven’t shopped at a thrift store or consignment sale then you’re seriously missing out! You can find a ton of quality brands for a ridiculously low price. Now, imagine taking that $10 pair of jeans and reselling them for $50.


Yup, people are making a profit doing just that every single day. In fact, this blogger made over $900 in one month and only put in 8.5 hours of work!


When shopping for items to flip, look for profitable brands that you know are way underpriced and pieces that are currently in style.


Places to find & sell thrifted clothing:

thredUP– thredUP is the world’s largest resale marketplace with brands such as Gucci priced at 90% off retail price! Here’s $10 to shop!



eBayCaution: eBay has been a bit stale lately.


Cash in on surveys

You won’t be leaving your day job anytime soon, but survey sites allow you to make a quick few bucks during your downtime. This could help with your everyday expenses such as groceries and gas.


One survey site that I use is Swagbucks. It’s free.99 and you get paid in gift cards for doing everyday things such as shopping and surfing the web. Shatoria from Coin Countin’ Mama makes $125 every month from Swagbucks so it’s definitely something you can do to give you a financial boost!


When you sign up through this link you get a 300 Swagbucks bonus when you earn 300 SB (Swagbucks) within your first 30 days!


Other survey sites

Pinecone Research– This survey site is one of the highest paying that I’ve found. You’ll review products before they hit the shelf and earn $3 per survey!

InboxDollars– Like Swagbucks, you get paid to watch TV, shop online, and more. Instead of points, you earn cash and once you get to $30 you can cash out via PayPal, check, or eCards!

Survey Junkie– Once you get to 1,000 points (or $10) you can cash out in gift cards or cash!

make extra money on the side

Earn cashback

If you’re going to shop, you might as well get money back right?! With sites like Rakuten, you can earn cashback from over 2,500 stores no matter if you shop online or in the store. It’s not exactly a side hustle, but it’s a great way to earn if you’re someone who shops frequently for leisure or business reasons.


I’m not a shopper, but even I’ve made $100 with Rakuten! Sign up here to start earning and enjoy $25 for every person you refer (remember those referral codes?????)!

ways to make money on the side


Flip it!

That old raggedy vanity you see on the curb? Yea, snag it!


If you’re pretty nifty in the DIY category, then you can make flipping old furniture a lucrative hobby. I once had a manager who rummaged through yard sales and flea markets in search of furniture pieces like chairs and dressers. Then, she would go home and turn those ugly things into the most gorgeous vintage pieces she would sell for a higher price on Facebook.

Check out how this blogger turned a $25 dresser into a $300 profit!


Sell photography

Photography is one skill that can allow you to make money on the side or take your passion full-time. Shooting weddings isn’t the only way to profit from your camera, especially with the increase in digital products.


Stock photos and fashion photography are just two of the ways you can monetize your love of photography. And no, you don’t have to be a professional!

Check out these 10 ways to make money with photography!



No matter your availability, there’s something out there you can do to make extra money on the side! Whether you use that extra money to save, pay down debt, or treat yo’ self, enjoy the fruits of your labor and stay consistent.


If you’re looking for more ways to make more money, my eBook Money. Boss. Hustles includes 20 of the most flexible and profitable side hustles. You’ll get:

-A “how to get started” section for each hustle

-Where to find opportunities


-A monthly side hustle workbook with a 4-week calendar, goals sheet, and distribution sheet!

Grab it here!

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