The “Broke” Girl’s Guide to Saving Money

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Sick of checking your bank account and seeing $0?

Yea, I was too.


We all know we should be saving money but it’s not exactly the easiest thing to do, especially as a beginner.


If you’re not saving, let me guess why:

  • You’re too “broke” to save so you don’t even try
  • You’ve tried saving but it’s just “too hard”
  • You’ve got other bills to take care of
  • You’re in debt
  • You don’t know how to start


Now, what if I told you that these things don’t matter? That you can still be a money saving boss?


Saving money is not a ‘jump right in and do it type of thing’. That’s why you need this course!

*You’ll also be added to my list of money bosses where you’ll receive awesome tips, exclusive offers, and more!

*As an added bonus, snag my free budget printable and goal sheet!

I’ve gone from barely being able to put back $360 to saving $4,800 per year!


I know not everyone has a ton of money to spare, especially when you add in bills and debt payments. Saving money doesn’t have to be the soul sucking process you think it is and with the right strategy, it won’t be.


You can keep letting your circumstances control you, or you can finally start paying yourself first!


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